Black Diamond Tattoo was established in 2008.  Our team of talented artists each bring their own personal style to the shop and specialize in a specific genre of tattooing.  We have friends and guest artists coming from all over the world to work with us and share their experiences which are then passed on to our clients. We specialize in a custom form of tattooing where each design is created unique for the client, and we strive to ensure that each client leaves us happy and excited about their tattoo.  We take on tattoo requests of all sizes, large or small, and we make sure regardless of size each client gets the absolute best service and experience with us.


Charly Reynoso

Charly began tattooing at the age of 17. After completing a degree in architecture and teaching classes in his respective field, he decided tattooing was what he really wanted to do. He opened his first shop in 1998, and a few years later moved to Los Angeles where he proceeded to establish himself as a tattooer. With a strong clientele and a partnership with Bree, they proceeded to open Black Diamond Tattoo and have been running it since.

Bree Solomon

Bree has a career background in film and television and completed a degree with a focus in law. Coming from NBC Universal, she brought her diverse knowledge of business and management and created a strong partnership with Charly while establishing Black Diamond Tattoo in 2008. Together they’ve built a strong brand and continue to extend their goals for the business.


Left to Right: Juan Gollaz (Tattoo Artist), Melissa Contreras (Tattoo Artist), Justin Jakus (Tattoo Artist), Jacob Danhi (Tattoo Artist), Charly Reynoso (Owner/Tattoo Artist), Tyoni Aragon (Tattoo Artist), Bree Solomon (Owner/Tattoo Removal), Judd Bowman (Tattoo Artist), Ken Sakamoto (Tattoo Artist), Nico Bassill (Apprentice), Maddox Max (Manager/Tattoo Removal), Luc Suter (Tattoo Artist), Nikola Ivana (Tattoo Artist)